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The most expensive sex toys in the world

Some may say being rich can have a serious impact on your mental health, others may want at least one toy from the list. Either way, we’re sure you’ve heard about different kinds of erotic gadgets so far, but how about the ones you’ll probably never be able to afford?

Vibrator with “Eurythimcs” song lyrics

Special rabbit vibrators made of metal and designed by Dave Stewart of “Eurythmics”, is painted with lyrics of the song “Let’s Do It Again” and sprinkled with 28-carat black diamonds. The price of this unusual vibrator is $ 2,000, but hey, the song comes for free!

Dildo with 117 diamonds

Currently the most expensive sex tool in the world is the work of a famous …

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Urinelle – We bet you always wanted to pee like a man

There’s a lot of women who are very envious of men because they can pee with extreme ease and without any problems. We have absolutely no intention getting into a 21st century favorite debate about gender equality, and although Urinelle is not really a sex toy, we still find it interesting enough to write about it. Besides, probably every woman knows how embarrassing it can be when you really need to pee and there’s not a single suitable place in sight, or the level of hygiene in a nearby public toilet is extremely questionable. Well, this relatively new product Urinelle might help women to stop worrying about crouching and hiding behind the bushes, and fear of infection and bacteria …

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Anilingus – The anus is a powerful erogenous zone

The anal cavity contains many sensitive nerve endings, which sometimes take your erotic stimulation even a step further. This is precisely the reason why many people often discover that anal sex and stimulation of the anus offers a totally new and different experience, which is anything but bad and boring. Of course, anilingus is not as popular as cunnilingus or fellatio, but couples who like to explore anal pleasures have undoubtedly discovered its advantages.

When the tongue slips from the vagina to anus

The area between the vagina and the anus, or testicles and anus, is called the perineum and it’s highly sensitive, while the anus itself is even more sensitive. Couples who practice anal sex usually perform anilingus during …

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How to maintain your sex toy’s hygiene

There’s no doubt – all sex toys require good care and regular cleaning if you want to use them safely! Appropriate cleaning of the vibrator can avoid numerous inflammations and infections, so here’s a couple of tips on how to keep your favorite toy shiny.

Sex toy is yours and yours ONLY

The first rule is never lend your toys to friends or anyone else. Even if your parents raised you in the spirit of sharing everything with others, trust us – this doesn’t apply to sex toys. Only you should use it, period!

Always choose a good lubricant

When using sex toys made of plastic, latex or rubber, you can apply a water-based lubricant, because some oils can damage …

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RealTouch – Probably the first artificial vagina we really want to try

RealTouch – Probably the first artificial vagina we really want to try

 This is not just another masturbator in a series of artificial vaginas you can get in sex shops. This stuff is the latest product designed by a former NASA engineer, who combined his knowledge and modern technology to create the first “real” vagina in the world. We are very interested!

Virtual sex has never been so real

RealTouch is a package in which you get a smooth and elegantly shaped device that looks like some kind of a sci-fi gadget. It comes with a USB port and cable through which you can connect the device to your PC, and then use it to connect to the manufacturer’s web …

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